5 Ways To Make Your Church Safer By Sunday

Every church should be a safe house regardless of size or financial stability. We continue to see an alarming rise of deadly attacks in churches, most of which consists of smaller congregations, which usually means less money in the offering plate to fund ministries such as security. Smaller crowds and lower funds can no longer be the excuse.

Below you will find 5 ways to make your church safer by Sunday, along with a simple acronym to help you implement these simple steps.


PPresence: Simply being present. Use all staff/or volunteers as your front line team throughout all areas of your church. This includes the parking lot, all entry doors to the building, the main sanctuary, and the children’s area.

EEngage: When your core people are serving or volunteering, make sure they are engaged with the people that are coming and going.

AAssess Body Language: Be sure to pay special attention to the people that are coming into the buildings. Watch how they act, move or talk.

CCommunicate: Any suspicious behavior should be quickly communicated to your team.

EEnlist local law enforcement: Do not waste time. Call quickly when you see something out of place.

Keep in mind, most people come to church for the right reasons. As you engage with others, always maintain an outward expression that is welcoming and inviting, never accusatory, while mentally keeping P.E.A.C.E.


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