7 Behaviors That Need Your Attention


  1. Disgruntled: seems unhappy with everyone he comes in contact with, as if to be looking for trouble. General look of frustration.


  1. Disengaged: someone who does not enter in to service, but is more focused on exit doors, cameras, and who might be watching him.


  1. Distressed: appears anxious or nervous, keeps his hands in his pockets, walking in and out of service, sits in his car for a long period of time.


  1. Dressed inappropriately: While heavy coats are common this time of year, the building is usually warm enough to shed those heavy layers once inside. Pay attention to anyone who keeps his coat or sunglasses on, keeps his hands in his pockets, has a backpack or other bag.


  1. Disorderly: chaotic or strange behavior, appears incoherent as a result of drugs or alcohol use.


  1. Distraught former church employee: a former employee who was fired, let go, or asked to resign, and did not leave without causing trouble. If this person is seen on campus, security should immediately be made aware.


  1. Disruptive: someone who wants to cause a scene by standing or speaking loudly during service, charging the stage, or trying to contact your Pastor.



Keep in mind that no single behavior automatically means this individual is trouble. Many of these behaviors often go hand-in-hand, such as someone wearing a heavy coat who is anxiously disengaged. This person needs your attention! But whether you notice a behavior from this list or something else, your gut instinct is usually right. If something feels off, communicate your concern with your team.

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