Characteristics To Look For When Recruiting Your Team

Characteristics to look for when recruiting your team:

  • Loves the Lord
  • Believes in the vision of your Pastor
  • Knows the heart of the church
  • Pays attention to detail
  • Trustworthy
  • Humble
  • Meek
  • Works behind the scenes
  • Not easily distracted
  • Works the excellence
  • Does not see himself as serving people but serving the Lord through serving His people.


Characteristics that are not best in this role:

  • Needs praise or accolades
  • Friends with Pastor, or desires to be
  • Wants to be in the spotlight
  • Needs attention
  • All about self
  • Does not have to be a former NFL linebacker or bouncer, but you do need to be in shape.

*please note, these characteristics are not necessarily bad but are simply not best for this role.

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