New Year, Stronger Teams

January is a season of all things new, a time to start working towards goals and dreams, and for many of us, January is an opportunity to start again, to be more involved, and to serve others. This month typically presents two sets of people within the church. You have a group of already committed church-goers who want to deepen their commitment this new year by volunteering and serving, and you are likely to have another group of fresh faces committing and recommitting to regular church attendance. So how do we, as leaders, build our teams through numbers, strength, and education while also keeping watch on unfamiliar faces and simultaneously keeping our crowds safe and clear of being a soft target?

Let’s start with the first group: those who have been faithfully attending church and are now ready to take the next step of getting involved, volunteering, and serving. If your church hosts any type of event to attract potential volunteers, this is a great starting point. If not, it will require a little more work on your part and it starts with recruiting. Don’t let this word scare you. Personally, I feel like it’s an ideal way to engage individuals you view as a match for your team. Think of it as promoting from within, first round draft picks, or networking.


3 Characteristics to look for when recruiting your team:

#1 Believes in the vision of your Pastor

#2 Pays attention to detail

#3 Trustworthy

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It is also important to know the characteristics that are not best in this role.

#1 Needs praise or accolades

#2 Is friends with Pastor, or desires to be

#3 Wants to be in the spotlight

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The safety and security team you already have in place carries a lot of responsibility in the new year as you will depend heavily on them to teach your new team members, and you will also need them keeping a close eye on the second group of people, the unfamiliar faces. If you missed our blog over the holiday season, be sure to read 3 Tips for a Safe Holiday Season and 7 Behaviors That Need Your Attention. This is a great resource to use with your team as you welcome new faces while keeping everyone safe.

Once you have established who you want serving on your team, you need to be sure they are correctly trained and setup for success. We will continue on this topic in the coming weeks as we go deeper into the next steps of onboarding your team. We will also discuss where to start if your church doesn’t currently have a security team in place. Be sure to subscribe to our blog so that you get all the info straight to our inbox.

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