Scenario Training

The best response listed under each scenario is what I think to be the best response based on my state’s laws and my personal experience. You must always comply with your state’s laws and do what you think is best. Always remember, ministry first. It is not our job to act as police officers. It is our job to love people and keep them safe. Teach your team to communicate quickly and efficiently and always follow P.E.A.C.E.

: A parking attendant radios the following description: A gentleman just parked a black Jeep Cherokee with very dark, tinted windows and out of state tags. He sat in his car for approximately 10 minutes before getting out. When I greeted him, he kept his head down. He is a white male, mid-thirties, dark pants, dark shirt, and dark, heavy overcoat.

Best response: At this point, there’s no reason to believe any danger is intended, but the parking attendant did the right thing in alerting the team. I would immediately ask what door he is walking towards to enter the building. The Watchman posted in that area should be very attentive, but not engaging, to this individual as he enters the building and let the team know what direction he is headed next rather it’s the restroom, auditorium, or somewhere else. At this point, a credentialed team member should stay in close proximity to the guest and stay in constant communication with the rest of the team if things continue to feel suspicious or uncomfortable. 

: While posted in the children’s area, you notice a man getting increasingly frustrated with the lady working the check-in station. He does not have the required pass to pick up either of his kids, but insists his wife is busy and asked him to do it. Because your wife and his wife had coffee last week, you happen to know that they are currently separated. 

Best response: Simply put, if you do not have the pass to pick up the child you are not allowed to take them. The Watchman witnessing this situation should alert a nearby credentialed team member before stepping in to remind the gentleman of the rules and the reasons why he cannot take the kids. 

: In the sanctuary you notice an unfamiliar face during worship. He caught your attention because he seemed very disengaged and distracted. When Pastor invites everyone to have a seat, he gets out of his seat and begins quickly making his way towards the stage. 

Best response: Assuming you have team members posted throughout the auditorium, the team member closest to this guest should stop him. If he insists on getting to the stage he should be escorted out immediately. 

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