Security Emergency Codes

10-4 Ok; understand, agree

10-7 Out of Service; signing off for the day

10-8 In Service; signing in and letting your team know you’re on duty

10-9 Repeat Message; asking to repeat what was just said

10-13 Meal/Restroom Break; need someone to cover your post while you walk away

10-20 Location; asking/telling your team where you are

10-21 Phone call; letting your team know you need to take a call/ another team member has a call

10-43 Emergency Radio Traffic Only; in case of emergency no one is to communicate on radios unless it pertains to the emergency.

10-49 Weapon; you have seen a weapon of any kind on a person

10-80 Domestic Trouble; making team aware of situation and possible need for backup

10-90 Lockdown; *To be made by team leader only


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