From a Soft Target to a Safe House

My name is Eric Hatton, owner of Safe House Security and Consulting.

Safe House was founded  to help churches develop safety and security systems to better operate inside the four walls of the church. Across America, churches are no longer asking why security is needed. In fact, people are desperately looking for answers as to why violence, both targeted and random, is happening within our churches and what we can do to make our houses of worship safe.

I have been serving in the church for more than fifteen years and have seen so many things change; the way people dress, the bags they carry, the way our frontline team communicates, the awareness of those in and outside the sanctuary, procedures for dropping off and picking up children.  It has all changed, and in my many years of serving, the way safety and security is handled has been forced to change.  What once served as unnecessary, has now become standard operations for any gathering not wanting to succumb to the hopeless label of being a soft target.

God has put a gift in all of us, and serving His people through safety and security is mine.  The church can not live in fear and walk in authority. We are commanded to do one, and not the other. Safe House was founded to teach you how to walk in safety and authority, and how to lead well by serving others. I am a certified firearms instructor and a certified level I, II, and III Instructor with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, but above all, I am a servant of God.  I don’t care to be seen, I don’t need praise from others. I simply want to serve His people with excellence. Serving brings me joy. It’s my happy place, so to speak.  As Safe House equips church leaders to serve and protect others, we always align our message with that of the heart and vision of the church; always leading from a place of peace and safety.

If you have a desire to learn safety and security, and a heart to serve others in this capacity, we invite you to connect with us on social media for daily bits and “how tos”  of safety and security. And be sure to subscribe to our Safe House Newsletter to stay up to date with weekly blogs, events, workshops, resources, and more.

– Eric

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